About Show-Me Institute

The Show-Me Institute is the only think tank in Missouri dedicated to promoting free markets and individual liberty. Our vision is for Missouri to be a place where entrepreneurs are free to pursue their dreams, where parents are free to direct the education and upbringing of their children, where the principles that guide state policy are those which enhance freedom, and where all Missourians are free from dependence on government. Our mission is to advance liberty with individual responsibility by promoting market solutions for Missouri public policy.

The Institute’s scholars study public policy problems and develop proposals to increase economic opportunity for ordinary Missourians. The Institute then promotes these solutions by publishing studies, briefing papers, and other educational materials, which help policymakers, the media, and the general public gain a better understanding of the issues.

The Show-Me Institute hopes to build a thriving economy and a vibrant civil society for Missouri and strives to place Missouri in a position that leads the nation in wealth, freedom, and opportunity for all.

Who Funds the Show-Me Institute?

The Show-Me Institute is a publicly supported charitable organization (501(c)3). The Institute's board of directors funds the basic operations of the Show-Me Institute. In addition, we seek financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations who share our vision for the state and want to improve the quality of the public debate. To preserve our independence, we accept no government funding, and we do not perform contract work.