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Jakob Puckett

Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” documentary has ruffled the feathers of environmental activists for over a month now. As I wrote recently, the film highlights the challenges that green energy faces. Many activists have clamored for its retraction from streaming services rather than engage in an open debate. Additionally, YouTube temporarily blocked the film on shaky copyright grounds.

The general public has largely been shielded from the challenges green energy faces, with much of the debate being left to behind-the-scenes energy analysts. By bringing these matters to the forefront, Moore’s documentary reminds us that while green energy has its place, it also has its limits.

For those wanting a closer look, I address these matters in more detail in a recent op-ed for Real Clear Energy.


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Jakob Puckett
Jakob Puckett

Jakob Puckett received his M.S. in Economics from University of Illinois in 2019.