Corianna Baier

Today, the Missouri House passed two pieces of occupational licensing legislation. Both are worthwhile, but one would make Missouri a reform leader on the national level.

The first, HB 1511, would allow for out-of-state licenses held by military spouses to be accepted here in Missouri. This has been a popular reform in recent years, and already every state, including Missouri, has some version of reciprocity for military spouses in place.

The real game-changer is the second bill, HB 2046, which would allow for this sort of licensing reciprocity for anyone. This means that someone who holds a valid occupational license in good standing from another state could come to Missouri and qualify for the same license here with few or no administrative burdens.

This bill would have a plethora of positive effects on Missouri. It would make the state a much more attractive place to relocate by eliminating the over-burdensome requirements for re-licensing a worker. But it also should offer consumers greater choice and competition in the market for all kinds of services, including health care.

Occupational licensing burdens workers and the economy. As Show-Me analysts have written and testified, reducing government barriers to work is good for workers, consumers, and the state economy. Many other states are considering licensing legislation like this, and this bill would help Missouri become a more competitive and attractive state for consumers and professionals alike.


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Corianna Baier
Corianna Baier

Corianna grew up in Michigan, where she earned her B.S. in Economics from Hillsdale College.