Brittany Wagner

Are you looking for a new school for your child? Are you curious to know how your child’s school stacks up to others across the state? Do you want to know if your hard-earned property tax dollars are being put to good use? You’re in luck!

This week the Kauffman Foundation released Edwise, an "online tool to help parents, educators, school districts, policymakers, and the public make informed education decisions." It has comparable data for every school and district in Missouri (and some in Kansas) on everything from ACT scores to enrollment to student-teacher ratios.

As school choice expands in the Show-Me State, access to information regarding schools must as well. While the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) already provides data for every school district and charter school, their website is notoriously hard to navigate.

Increasingly, websites such as stlschools.org and greatschools.org are helping parents find a school that fits their child’s unique needs.

Edwise makes a great contribution with its easy-to-navigate map tool that makes data that could be daunting to comb through incredibly user-friendly.

I encourage you to check it out!

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Brittany Wagner
Education Policy Research Assistant

Brittany Wagner was an education policy research assistant at the Show-Me Institute.