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By Elias Tsapelas on Feb 26, 2020

Supporters of expanding Medicaid in Missouri argue that expansion will save the state money.

By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 18, 2019

On January 18, Show-Me Institute Director of Municipal Policy Patrick Tuohey appeared on Kansas City Public Television's Ruckus to discuss the new KCI terminal and other local issues.

By Susan Pendergrass on Jan 17, 2019

What if the choices we make for our health care were governed by the same rules that control the choices we make regarding the education of our children?

By Andrew G. Biggs on Dec 04, 2018

Can above-average investment returns solve Missouri's pension crisis? Dr. Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute reveals the answer in our "Ask an Economist" series.

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By Show-Me Institute Staff on Nov 29, 2018

2018 was a year of change in Missouri. Lawmakers passed much-needed tax cuts for families and businesses, expanded education options for Missouri students, cut burdensome red tape, and fought back against big government through labor and transparency reform.

By Andrew G. Biggs on Nov 19, 2018

The Missouri State Employees Retirement System (MOSERS) has seen its funding health decline in recent years even as the required government contributions to the plan have increased.

By Jonah Goldberg on Sep 28, 2018

Does Western culture face a crisis because of its failure to defend liberty against ideological forces of the past?

By Frank Catanzaro on Aug 09, 2018

University City officials are considering a $190 million-dollar development with apartments, restaurants, and a big retail store.  But there’s a catch . . . they want taxpayers to kick in almost 40% of the cost . . . just over 70 million dollars!

By Patrick Tuohey on Jun 22, 2018

On Thursday, June 21, the Show-Me Institute’s Patrick Tuohey appeared on KCPT’s Ruckus to discuss the delayed opening of Kansas City’s new airport, a sales tax proposal to fund universal pre-K in Kansas City, and other state and local issues.

By Thomas A. Lambert on Jun 22, 2018

It doesn’t happen often, but markets can fail.