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By Brittany Wagner on Jun 25, 2014

The decisions of Missouri's State Board of Education, the Department Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Board of Francis Howell School District have left this family with few options.


By David Stokes on Jun 17, 2014

David Stokes, the Show-Me Institute Director of Local Government Policy, talks about the Institute for Justice's lawsuit challenging Missouri's onerous licensing requirements for African-style hair braiders.

By Brittany Wagner on Jun 12, 2014

Show-Me Institute Education Policy Research Assistant Brittany Wagner discusses one of the reasons she decided to leave her career in teaching and join the Show-Me Institute.

By Rik W. Hafer on Jun 04, 2014

Show-Me Institute Research Fellow Rik Hafer, Ph.D., discusses how Missouri's economy has performed since 2000 relative to its neighbors and the country. Hafer and Show-Me Institute Policy Researcher Michael Rathbone outlined the details of Missouri's competitiveness with its neighbors in a recent essay: Missouri's Economic Record in the 21st Century.


By David Stokes on May 29, 2014

The Show-Me Institute's Director of Local Government Policy, David Stokes, talks about the regulatory capture that taxi cabs enjoy in St. Louis and Kansas City. The taxi cab companies control the taxi commissions in those cities. Not surprisingly, those commissions have created barriers to entry for companies like Lyft and Uber who offer alternatives to traditional taxi service.


By Emily Watson on May 22, 2014

Show-Me Institute Intern Emily Watson talks about the importance of vo-tech education and congratulates Missouri's General Assembly for legislation that allows Missouri high school students to apply vo-tech classes toward their school requirements.



By John Lamping on May 20, 2014

Missouri Sen. John Lamping (R-Dist. 24) talks about the recently concluded 2014 state legislative session.




On Friday, May 9, Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) held a race between the MetroLink, cars, and bikers from one metro stop to another one. That seemed rigged in favor of the MetroLink to us, so we held our own race from our office in the Central West End to BARcelona in Clayton.

St. Louis's light rail, MetroLink, has been built on press events and promises. The CMT made-for-media race earlier this month is a great example of the former, but consider some of the promises made to sell MetroLink:

* "...some of Metro Link's heaviest use could come from lunch-hour passengers moving among downtown, Union Station and the Central West End." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/26/1988

* "The city is talking with investors and developers about building a golf course just north of the King Bridge, an area of abandoned rail lines... City planners picture light industry around the golf course.

"Conventioneers, just five minutes from East St. Louis by rail, offer a natural market for a golf course..." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/17/1993

During our race, Joseph Miller provides the numbers behind MetroLink. It's incredibly expensive and there are better ways to improve public transportation. For example, money used on MetroLink would be better spent improving bus service.

Note 1: When Joseph Miller refers to "city" and "city planners" he means the "St. Louis region" and "regional planners".

By Michael Rathbone on May 15, 2014

Show-Me Institute Policy Researcher Michael Rathbone provides a snapshot of the budget recently passed in Jefferson City. Much of it is worthwhile, but why are we spending money on a political convention in Kansas City?

By Brenda Talent on May 09, 2014

Show-Me Institute CEO Brenda Talent congratulates Missouri's General Assembly for finally cutting the state's income tax, but she also notes that more needs to be done. For Missouri to become more competitive it has to reduce taxes further. The Show-Me Institute has written about how to accomplish this: