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By Amity Shlaes on Mar 27, 2012

At the Show-Me Institute's Speaker Series on Feb. 28, author Amity Shlaes talked about one of America's least remembered Presidents...Calvin Coolidge. Her book, Coolidge, will hit bookstores June 26, and Shlaes feels today's leaders could learn something from "Silent Cal." Shlaes says Coolidge's tight budgets and tax cuts brought America out of recession and helped trigger the economic boom known as the Roaring '20s.

By David Stokes on Mar 14, 2012

In Saint Louis County, the TIF council recently rejected a TIF proposal from an Ellisville Walmart, but now the City of Ellisville is attempting to approve the subsidy proposal anyway.

As David Stokes briefly mentions in this vlog, the sales tax status of Ellisville in Saint Louis County encourages this kind of tax-incentive competition.

By Economic Freedom Project on Mar 12, 2012

This video, created by the Economic Freedom Project, demonstrates the power of free markets to create and restore — in this case showcasing Joplin, Mo and the volunteers, workers, and residents acting in a market free from government help or excessive regulations.

By Amity Shlaes on Mar 07, 2012

On Tuesday, February 28, 2012, Amity Shlaes spoke at Saint Louis University's John Cook School of Business at an event organized and co-sponsored by the Show-Me Institute. The topic of the talk was Shlaes' latest book Coolidge — due for release June 26 — which discusses the presidency of Calvin Coolidge with a focus on the effectiveness of his laissez-faire policies in restoring the turbulent economy of the early 20's to "normalcy."

By Kelvin R. Adams on Mar 02, 2012

At a Show-Me Institute policy breakfast December 6th, St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent Kelvin Adams spoke of the difficulty of removing a bad teacher from a city classroom. Isn’t it time for reform?

By Administrator on Feb 27, 2012

At the Show-Me Institute's policy breakfast on Feb. 8 titled "Rich State, Poor States", Jonathan Williams of ALEC said people are voting with their feet in this country, and moving to states that have the lowest tax burdens. . . .

"Rich States, Poor States" was the theme of the Show-Me Institute policy breakfast on Feb. 8. Show-Me Institute chief economist Joe Haslag said the data is clear. Missouri is falling behind the country.

By Kurt Schaefer, Chris Kelly on Feb 24, 2012

In these two video clips from our recent Show-Me Forum, State Sen. Kurt Schaefer and State Rep. Chris Kelly offer two different viewpoints on Missouri's state budget troubles.

By Wendell Cox on Feb 15, 2012

In these two videos, Wendell Cox explains some of the ideas and implications of his recent policy study for the Show-Me Institute. Is Saint Louis poised to see a population resurgence? Is "smart growth" harming the areas that implement it?

By Audrey Spalding on Feb 14, 2012

Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding returned to Saint Louis local roundtable discussion show Donnybrook on February 9, 2012. Among the topics covered this time were: Missouri's recent and expensive "beauty contest" presidential primary, the federal-level employer contraception mandate, potentially eliminating Missouri's income tax, and Kansas City's proposed new land bank.

Click here to watch the video of the event.

By Kurt Schaefer, Chris Kelly on Feb 08, 2012

In this Show-Me Forum discussion, two Missouri state legislators discuss the precarious state of the Missouri budget and answer probing audience questions about Missouri's fiscal future.