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As a state, Missouri has had some forms of digital learning for more than a decade. Rural schools, for example, share courses via interactive television as a way to offer courses (like foreign language and upper level math courses) they otherwise might not be able to offer students.

But there’s much more that can be improved. According to Digital Learning Now’s Report Card for Missouri, state law does not stipulate that student achievement data be used to evaluate the quality of individual online courses, nor does state law require that failing individual course providers be closed.

In this video, Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education, explains how digital learning in the classroom helps students receive more personalized attention and high-quality content.

On Feb. 1, 2012, the Alliance for Excellent Education and its partners host the first-ever national Digital Learning Day. That day will celebrate innovative teaching practices that make learning more personalized and engaging. The learning day also will encourage exploration of how digital learning can provide more students with more opportunities to acquire the skills they need to succeed in college, a career, and life.

By Andrew F. Puzder on Oct 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011, The Show-Me Institute partnered with the John Cook School of Business to present a lecture on the topic of job creation with featured speaker Andrew F Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants.

Puzder argued before an engaged crowd that the current regulatory burden and financial uncertainty brought about by recent federal healthcare legislation are precisely the things standing between entrepreneurs across the country and the creation of jobs. Puzder put it quite clearly: Reduce regulations, and watch unemployment fall.

By Andrew F. Puzder on Oct 25, 2011

Part of President Obama's job creation strategy includes a tax break for hiring new workers. In this video Andrew Puzder explains why he thinks that this will not result in new jobs.

By Patrick Ishmael on Oct 25, 2011

The Senate has adjourned: What does this mean for Aerotropolis tax credits?

In this video, Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Patrick Ishmael discusses the victory for Missouri residents represented by the defeat of Aerotropolis, and also what is needed from Missouri legislators going forward.

By Patrick Ishmael on Oct 19, 2011

Kansas City legislators are considering a plan that would bring back trolley cars to the downtown area. Amid a potpourri of video of these bygone tools of transit, Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Patrick Ishmael explains how this anachronism may cost Kansas City taxpayers millions of dollars.

By John Lamping, Audrey Spalding on Oct 05, 2011

On Tuesday, October 4, the Show-Me Institute hosted a panel discussion to detail the history and future of the Aerotropolis tax credit bill moving through the Missouri Legislature. On hand to answer questions and explain their viewpoint were Missouri Senator John Lamping and Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding.

By Audrey Spalding on Oct 03, 2011

In February of this year, the Show-Me Institute published a study by Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding, detailing the operations and history of the oldest land bank in the 50 states, Saint Louis city's Land Reutilization Authority, The LRA. In 1971, the LRA was created with the state purpose to return tax defunct or abandoned properties into private, productive hands. What Audrey Spalding's policy study, "Standstill: Is Saint Louis Hindering Development by Waiting for Large-Scale Miracles?" showed is a history of denying or delaying private citizens' attempts to purchase land from the LRA. In this video, Spalding reports with relief that the latest LRA meeting represents a sea change in LRA operation, in terms of approving offers to buy property. At the September meeting, not one offer was rejected.

By Audrey Spalding on Sep 28, 2011

Why is it so difficult for politicians to say "no" to bad public policy? In this video, Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding recaps the problems with tax credits as an instrument for economic growth and wonders why politicians can't simply abandon public policy tools with such a poor track record.

By Audrey Spalding on Sep 22, 2011

In this video, Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Audrey Spalding describes how even though the $ 360 million Aerotropolis tax credit package has been trimmed by $ 300 million, that same funding for warehouse development may ultimately come about anyway from other, existing tax credit programs.

By David Stokes on Sep 16, 2011

These two videos each give some specific information about property taxes in Missouri. Both of these videos are excerpts from a larger look at property taxation in Missouri.