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By Michael Austin on Oct 19, 2016
Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Michael Austin notes that the percentage of Missouri workers employed by startups has fallen dramatically. If the state got out of the way, perhaps more companies would open in the Show-Me State.
By John Cochrane on Oct 14, 2016
John Cochrane, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, discusses policies to spur economic growth in this Speakers Series presentation.
By Michael Q. McShane on Oct 12, 2016

Why not bring the most successful education policies from around the world here to the United States? Because it isn't that simple.

By James V. Shuls on Oct 04, 2016

What does student success look like to you?  That was one of the questions asked last week at the eighth Regional Meeting on Education hosted by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at Pattonville Hi

By Michael Q. McShane on Sep 15, 2016

The tenth annual Education Next poll assessed the views of American’s on our education system.

By Michael Q. McShane on Sep 14, 2016

Later this week, I’m hopping on a plane and heading to Vienna, Austria to give a keynote address on educational entrepreneurship to Junior Achievement Europe’s International Summit for Educators.

I’ll report back with what I learn—in the meantime, here’s the promotional video.

By Patrick Tuohey on Sep 12, 2016

Kansas City is spending about $14 million on a grocery store in the Linwood shopping center. Is this really how the people of KC want their tax dollars spent?

By James V. Shuls on Sep 09, 2016
James Shuls, Ph.D., moderated this panel discussion about school choice in Missouri.
By Graham Renz on Sep 08, 2016

MetroLink wants $2 billion for a North-South expansion line, but ridership continues to decrease. Could this money be better spent? 

By Michelle Wickman on Aug 15, 2016

What if we told you that the state is cutting welfare checks to people who are living out of state, incarcerated or even deceased?