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By Andrew B. Wilson on Sep 24, 2015
A new report on “underlying issues” offers a lovely bridge to nowhere.
Commentary / Op-Eds
By Joseph Miller on Aug 17, 2015

As first appearing in the Columbia Tribune:

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Brittany Wagner on Jun 29, 2015
Several decades ago, a college degree nearly guaranteed a job. Now, many college students choose a major based on predictions about future job growth potential. State governments incentivize the pursuit of certain degrees through grants and scholarships. Missouri should re-evaluate its practice of picking winning and losing majors.
Commentary / Op-Eds
By Joseph Miller on Jun 25, 2015

Saint Louis’ business code is antiquated and unnecessarily complicates the process of starting new businesses. A new effort at reform could make Saint Louis more competitive and promote an entrepreneur-friendly regulatory environment.

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By James V. Shuls on Jun 24, 2015

Today it was announced that many St.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Michael Rathbone on Jun 23, 2015

When thinking about Missouri's recent economic track record, one would be tempted to treat any positive economic signs with much joy and enthusiasm.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Joseph Miller on Jun 23, 2015

With the recent Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia, the push for increased passenger-rail safety measures has greatly increased.

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By John Wright on Jun 23, 2015

Some SLU nurses seem to be dissatisfied with their union representative recently.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Brittany Wagner on Jun 22, 2015
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