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Show-Me Daily
By James V. Shuls on Aug 10, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, everyone was sent home—everyone except essential workers. Health care workers continued to take care of patients. Police and firefighters continued to patrol streets and fight fires. Grocery store workers continued to stock shelves.

By Show-Me Institute Staff on Aug 07, 2020

On the most recent Show-Me Institute Podcast, Dr. Susan Pendergrass is joined by Walter Blanks Jr. Walter is a communications associate at the American Federation for Children (AFC).

Show-Me Daily
By Jessica Gatewood on Aug 05, 2020

I grew up with a mom who was a true lioness. She would march up to the school and advocate for my brothers and me. I am forever grateful that she stood up for us and helped us thrive academically. I am determined to do the same thing for my children, but I am flying blind.

Show-Me Daily
By Michael Q. McShane on Aug 03, 2020

Given the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year, tens of thousands of families around the country are considering homeschooling for the upcoming year.

Show-Me Daily
By James V. Shuls on Jul 31, 2020

There is a danger in looking at life through only an equity lens. Kurt Vonnegut shows this exceptionally well in his grim short story Harrison Bergeron. Set in a dystopian future where everyone must be made equal, poor Harrison Bergeron is exceptional.

Show-Me Daily
By Corianna Baier on Jul 31, 2020

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen just passed a bill that could have serious negative effects on St. Louis City consumers.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on Jul 30, 2020

The Kansas City region is a rarity in that it straddles two states. Of the fourteen counties and 2.2 million residents in our metropolitan statistical area (MSA), only about 500,000 live in Kansas City, Missouri proper.

Show-Me Daily
By Corianna Baier on Jul 29, 2020

It’s typical teenage behavior to run up a credit card bill and hope that someone else (like a parent or a sibling) will foot the bill. At a certain point, we tell teenagers that they need to grow up and assume responsibility for their own finances.

Show-Me Daily
By James V. Shuls on Jul 28, 2020

A universal system of public education would be easy if we all agreed on what it should look like. COVID-19 is making it pretty clear, however, that there is a wide range of opinions among Americans about how schools should operate this fall.