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Show-Me Daily
By Michael Q. McShane on Jul 27, 2020

The government filings of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans have provided ideologically motivated journalists and advocates a treasure trove for scoring points against businesses and organizations they don’t like. Call it PPP-shaming.

Show-Me Daily
By Susan Pendergrass on Jul 24, 2020

Listen carefully. Do you hear that? It’s the ground shifting beneath the public education establishment.

Show-Me Daily
By Jakob Puckett on Jul 23, 2020

Missouri’s electricity market does not include many free-market principles. Incorporating them has the potential to save customers money.

By Show-Me Institute Staff on Jul 22, 2020

On the most recent Show-Me Institute podcast, Dr. Susan Pendergrass is joined by Aaron Renn and Patrick Tuohey. They discuss Aaron's recent paper published by the Institute. The report analyzes the economic conditions of Kansas City, Kansas versus Kansas City, Missouri.

Show-Me Daily
By Nathan Willett on Jul 20, 2020

Technology perpetually changes the way education is delivered. COVID-19 has accelerated a lot of these changes, with schools scrambling to create distance learning plans as a response to closures.

Show-Me Daily
By Corianna Baier on Jul 16, 2020

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we’ll get reform for Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) and Transportation Development Districts (TDDs) this year.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Ishmael on Jul 15, 2020

Supporters of Medicaid expansion have long played loose with the facts of the program, and this year is no exception. Earlier this year, my colleague Elias Tsapelas 

Show-Me Daily
By Elias Tsapelas on Jul 13, 2020

Medicaid expansion was never going to be “free” for Missouri, and now we have even more evidence that expansion would be a catastrophe for the state’s budget.

Show-Me Daily
By Jakob Puckett on Jul 10, 2020

Net metering is a popular program that allows rooftop solar panel owners to sell extra electricity they generate back to their utility to offset their bill.