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Show-Me Daily
By Elias Tsapelas on May 15, 2020

As state policymakers scrambled last week to pass a balanced budget, they appeared to miss what was right in front of them.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on May 14, 2020

On April 29, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced his 10-10-10 plan for reopening the city after the stay at home order ends on May 15. Since then the plan has been subject to revisions and walk-backs and now seems vague and unenforceable. City leaders could have avoided this.

Show-Me Daily
By Elias Tsapelas on May 13, 2020

The hole Medicaid has blown in Missouri’s budget is about to get bigger. Medicaid’s costs are expected to grow by more than $500 million over the next year.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Ishmael on May 12, 2020

For nearly a decade now, my colleagues and I have pushed hard to establish unilateral license reciprocity in health care here in Missouri.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on May 12, 2020

The earnings tax in Kansas City and St. Louis is a one percent tax on income not just for city residents, but also for those who live outside the respective cities but work within them.

Show-Me Daily
By Jakob Puckett on May 08, 2020

To commemorate Earth Day, filmmaker Michael Moore released a documentary that did a surprisingly good job highlighting the shortcomings of green energy.

Show-Me Daily
By Jakob Puckett on May 07, 2020

A new report released by the Texas Public Policy Foundation documents federal subsidies received by the energy industry over the last decade.

Show-Me Daily
By Corianna Baier on May 06, 2020

When the country needed more personal protective equipment (PPE), many PPE-producing companies ramped up production, while other companies started making these pro

Show-Me Daily
By Jakob Puckett on May 06, 2020

With the federal government handing out trillions of dollars in “stimulus” money (I would call it relief funds), you might wonder how much is coming to Missouri. Over $10 billion has flowed to private and public Missouri entities, with more to come.

By Show-Me Institute Staff on May 05, 2020

On May 4, 2020, The Show-Me Institute hosted a virtual town hall on the topic of How to Reopen America with guest speakers Dr. Arthur B. Laffer and Senator Jim Talent.