Last June, Missouri House Bill 1413—which requires that public-sector unions hold recertification elections every three years, and that they get permission from members annually before deducting union dues from their paychecks—was signed into law. The provisions of this law are currently being challenged in the courts.

A new paper from James N. Foster, Jr., Brian C. Hey, and Allison J. Hartnett provides context to the controversy over HB 1413 with a historical overview of public-sector union law in Missouri.

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About the Author

James Foster

James N. Foster, Jr., is a partner at McMahon Berger, P.C.

Brian Hey

Brian C. Hey is a partner at McMahon Berger, P.C.

Allison Hartnett

Allison J. Hartnett is an associate at McMahon Berger, P.C.