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Your support of the Show-Me Institute is an investment in Missouri’s future.

The work of the Show-Me Institute would not be possible without the generous support of people who are inspired by the vision of liberty and free enterprise.

We hope you will join our efforts and become a Show-Me Institute sponsor.

Contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law. The fair market value of goods and services received at different sponsorship levels may not be included in determining your tax-deductible contribution.


FRIENDS OF FREEDOM ($25 and above)

  • Invitations to all events
  • Subscription to the Show-Me Institute's newsletter
  • Electronic announcements of new studies

PATRIOTS CIRCLE ($250 and above)

  • All of the previous benefits
  • Show-Me Institute's annual report
  • Periodic presidential memo

1821 SOCIETY ($1,000 and above)

  • All of the previous benefits
  • 1821 Society certificate
  • An invitation to the 1821 Society reception

CHAMPIONS OF LIBERTY ($2,500 and above)

  • All of the previous benefits
  • A Show-Me Institute Lapel Pin
  • Invitations to private meetings with speakers
  • VIP seating at all special events

PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL ($5,000 and above)

  • All of the previous benefits
  • An invitation to a roundtable discussion with a Show-Me Institute economist or the Institute's president speaking on the status of current studies

FOUNDERS CLUB ($15,000 and above)

  • All of the previous benefits
  • Tickets for you and a guest to enjoy a baseball game at Busch Stadium with Saint Louis Cardinal Hall of Fame greats
  • Estimated value of goods and services: $354


Leave a legacy for liberty when you include the Show-Me Institute in your estate plans. Please contact Jessica Gatewood, Director of Development, at 314-454-0647 for more information.


For information about donating gifts of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, please contact Jessica Gatewood, Director of Development, at 314-454-0647.

The Show-Me Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Institute's board of directors funds the basic operational expenses of the Show-Me Institute. In addition, we seek financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations who share our vision for the state and want to improve the quality of the public debate. To preserve our independence, we accept no government funding, and we do not perform contract work.