Kansas City

Hearing on the Kansas City Convention Hotel

On October 15, members of the Kansas City City Council heard from developers and supporters of a proposal to use taxpayer funds to subsidize a $300+ million convention hotel. The Show-Me Institute’s Patrick Tuohey suggested that Council members need to read the reports prepared by consultant to the developers and others to assess the wisdom of investing taxpayer dollars. From what we’ve seen so far, we question whether the projections made are realistic—especially when similar projects in Kansas City have failed in the past.

Myths of Education Reform

Show-Me Institute's new Director of Education Policy, Michael McShane, digs into the myths and facts about education reform in Missouri. Is there any truth behind common arguments like "St. Louis and Kansas City are the only places in need of reform," "Expanding charter schools would harm public schools," and "Missouri's Blaine amendment makes private school choice impossible"? Watch and find out!